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"I find your need to protect me downright laughable. Who, the bloody hell is going to save me from you, huh? No one has ever devastated me as much as you did. I loved you, and you walked away.”

Nearly a decade after Chelsea Whittaker’s first experience with heartache, she’s alone again, this time coping with the tragic end of a disastrous marriage. With a child to raise and a full-time career, dating is the last thing on her mind.​​

After Chelsea literally runs into Dr. Scott Reinhardt, an obstetrician deemed ‘Doc Hottie’ by women alike, they spend time over drinks, and she accepts his invitation to a charity event. His timing feels perfect until she is blindsided by the return of her first love, Jack Robertson. Still unattached and better looking than ever, Jack has come home to Minneapolis, for good.

Despite her lingering anger toward Jack, Chelsea is unsure she can resist his attempts to fix what he’s broken. She must learn to trust…and to believe she can find true happiness. After all, everyone deserves a new beginning.

Bored with men unwilling to commit, thirty-year-old Kristen Dorman has left her wild days behind by transforming into the type of woman she believes will attract the perfect mate.

Dr. Vince Parker has spent the past three years trying to escape memories from the worst night of his life, even moving across the country. His friends and co-workers aren't aware of the guilt he harbors or the sleepless nights he endures. To them, he seems funny, charismatic, and an all-around great guy.

When Kristen and Vince turn up at a popular pub on the same night, fate intervenes. He races to her side after she is involved in a bizarre accident, and Kristen falls hard for the good-looking doctor. This time the feeling is mutual.

Will love prevail or must Kristen help Vince break free from his past before they can share a future?